BOMBSHELL! LIMBAUGH: We Have To Thank Obama For Omar Mateen Passing Background Check

RUSH: If there’s anything approaching on today’s program a… I kind of hate to use the word “bombshell,” but this is close.

If you are wondering, “Okay, how does a guy named Omar Siddiqui Mateen, with his family history and other things obviously clear, able to be learned about…? How does he pass a background check?”  Well, we have to thank the Obama administration for that.  I have a series  of stories here that are gonna boggle your the mind.  The first is from the French News Agency.  The headline: “Threats Against Muslims Must Stop After Orlando Attack: US Authorities.”  Threats against Muslims must stop now.

“US authorities on Wednesday warned that threats against Muslims would not be tolerated, and possibly prosecuted, after alleged incidents in the wake of the Orlando gay club massacre, which was carried out by a Muslim gunman.  …  ‘Civil rights violations are a priority for the FBI,’ assistant special agent Ron Hopper told reporters. ‘We will investigate reported incidents against individuals based upon any class, any protected class, to include race, religion, and sexual orientation.'”

So the focus of the United States government, the FBI right now is trying to find people who might be threatening or saying negative things about Muslims, targeting them, finding them, and exploring ways to punish them.  That’s just the tip of the iceberg.  Have you heard about the Obama counterterrorism strategy called Countering Violent Extremism?  It’s actually… That’s what it’s called: CVE.  Have you heard of that?  Well, let me tell you about it.

Because the Republican leadership in the House is preparing now to meet Obama’s request for $40 million of additional funding for the Countering Violent Extremism program.  The FBI is trying to investigate these terror threats, and you just heard that threats against Muslims must stop, and FBI says, “We’re vigilant! We’re looking out for this.”  Are you also looking out for threats against America by Muslims?  Well, we presume so, but no. You would be wrong.  We’re not allowed to!  That’s what the CVE is.  You’re not gonna believe this.

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