Bo Snerdley To Obama: “You The BGIC, The Big Gangsta In Charge”

RUSH: Now time, ladies and gentlemen, for the Official Obama Criticizer. Here is Mr. Bo Snerdley.

OFFICIAL OBAMA CRITICIZER: Thank you. This is Bo Snerdley, the Official EIB Obama Criticizer, certified black enough to criticize, 100% American organic slave blood, with a legitimate birth certificate on file, uncut truth on your dial, delivered with a smile, and I have a statement.


BO SNERDLEY: Now a translation for EIB brothers and sisters in the hood. 

What up, yo!  Oh, check it out, prez, bro, listen, you been busting it out like big time.  You got the IRS and the Tea Party all up in people.  Man, you up in their grill, bro.  You squash Romney’s money hookups. You pop the cap on Fox, man. You put AP under your foot, bro.  You know what I say, man, smile, you talk soft and carry a big stick.  Yo, that’s exactly what you doing, man, you got it going on. You the BGIC, the big gangster in charge.  Okay, this is gangsta government, okay?  You feel me on that?  But check it out, bro.

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