BECK: ‘Conservatives Need to Run’… Christie Scandal Is ‘Everything We Despise’ In Obama

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Glenn Beck on Thursday likened New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s bridge scandal to a long list of scandals tied to President Obama, saying both illustrate “why you don’t give so much power to the government.”

“The ends justify the means,” Beck said. “This Chris Christie story is everything we despise in Barack Obama.”

Members of Christie’s staff are accused of closing access lanes to the George Washington Bridge as a way to get back at Mayor Mark Sokolich, who did not support Christie’s re-election bid.

Beck referenced a CNN interview in which DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz claimed the president’s purported ignorance of scandals is different than Christie’s. As she saw it, the president was unaware of “policy issues,” whereas Christie’s was a scandal “in which his staff and possibly him exacted political retribution…”

“How is that different than the IRS scandal?” Beck demanded. His co-host Stu Burguiere argued that if anything, it’s “not as bad.”


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