‘AVOID THE CRAP!’: Limbaugh Recommends A ‘Drive-By Media FAST’

RUSH: Do you want to live a better life? Do you really want to have a normal, optimistic outlook on life every day? Don’t watch that stuff! Don’t watch CNN. Don’t read the New York Times. If you look at Drudge and if you see headlines that portend the end of the world tomorrow, don’t click on it. Just avoid the crap that pollutes the daily so-called news that comes from left-wing news organizations. You will be amazed. And it doesn’t take long, either. Just two days. You go on a Drive-By Media fast, two days of it, and your outlook on life will be dramatically improved.

You won’t believe it. And I know you say, “Well, I gotta stay focused on what the opposition is doing.” No, you don’t. I’ll do that for you. I’ll tell you what they’re up to — and as a bonus, I’ll nuke it! You don’t need to expose yourself to it. That’s one of the many reasons I’m here. I know how to do this without it ruining my life. I know how to do this without it ruining my day. That’s why I’m here to run interference, to be the boundaries for you. But I don’t watch half of this stuff anymore, because it’s so predictable, and it’s so boring — and, frankly, a lot of it is really just lame.

It’s just lame, some of the analysis that you get to explain things out there. And there is more speculating — you know, everybody thinks they’re a political tactician. So you’ll take, like, this Obamacare-versus-tax story. You won’t believe the number of blogs that you will read with the possibilities of what this means. And it’ll all be wild guesses rooted in esteemed political analysis. And none of it is gonna be based on anything factual beyond what is known. And it’s all to get clicks, and it’s all to get eyeballs and this kind of thing.


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