AMAZING!: RUSH: NBC Ignoring Their Own Poll

RUSH:  So we got a poll.  We have a new poll out there.  The NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.  It shows Obama at record lows in this poll, and NBC is ignoring it.  They’re ignoring their own poll.  I mean, they’re talking about it, but they’re not talking about the stuff that damages Obama.  It really is amazing to watch how our country is just being taken over.  I don’t know if it’s just rampant ignorance or abject stupidity, maybe combination of the two, but it is stunning to watch and record every day how low-information seems to be spreading. 

Anyway, we’ll get into this and I’ll explain to you exactly what I mean by this.  I don’t want to panic anybody. There’s no reason to panic yet. I’ve always told you I’ll let you know when it’s time to panic, and it isn’t yet. Some of you might think it is. Some of you might think we’re getting close. I’ll let you know.

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