‘ABSURD!’: LIMBAUGH: AP Treats Trump Like A 7-Year-Old Leaving His Romper Room Sandbox

RUSH: The AP, ladies and gentlemen, has a story here that… I referenced this in the first hour of the program. It’s insulting; it’s demeaning. It treats Trump as a seven- or eight-year-old who is in his Romper Room sandbox every day and really doesn’t like leaving it. The story is written by Julie Pace. She’s one of the writers, White House correspondent. The headline of this story: “Worldwide Effort Set to Keep Trump Happy on First Trip Abroad.” What does that headline tell you — in context — if you put that headline in context with all the other Drive-By coverage of Trump the past year?

Normally a headline like that would convey that worldwide efforts are underway to accommodate President Trump because of the high level of respect and integrity that he has and the desires of his hosts to treat him well because he’s coming from the United States. But that’s not what they mean. “Worldwide Effort Set to Keep Trump Happy on First Trip Abroad” means he’s an insolent, immature little child, and the world is having to go to great lengths to keep him from having little temper tantrums and taking his ball and going home.

“When President Donald Trump sits down for dinner in Saudi Arabia…” This is the lede of the story from the AP. “When President Donald Trump sits down for dinner in Saudi Arabia, caterers have ensured that his favorite meal — steak with a side of ketchup — will be offered alongside the traditional local cuisine.” Now, those of you in the audience are probably aware of this, but the Drive-Bys and people of uber-elite sophistication think that it is an outrage to have ketchup with a steak. It just isn’t done.

Not in public. Not in polite society. In movies, chefs have been portrayed as resisting the preparation of a steak for a customer if it’s going to be served with ketchup. The chefs are portrayed as unwilling to have their great culinary creation ruined with such an accompaniment as ketchup. So throwing ketchup in here is also designed to illustrate that Trump is a child and he’s unconventional and he’s unsophisticated. Doesn’t he know nobody eats steak with ketchup!



Worldwide Effort Set To Keep Trump Happy On 1st Trip Abroad

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